How TO CHOOSE A PHOTOGRAPHER for your wedding…

Rather than say why you should choose me for your wedding, I thought I’d offer my advice on choosing a photographer for your special day. If you then want to consider me, I’d be more than happy to meet up to discuss!

Below are my top 3 things to consider:



Pick a photographer who’s style you love

It may seem obvious, but choose a photographer who’s style you love! Think about the photos you want, are you wanting lots of posed shots with clever lighting; documentary; black and white; look at how they ‘finish’ the photos; how good at they at capturing the day? Make sure you see lots of examples of previous work, this will give you the best indication of what you are going to get. Remember, what I or anyone else thinks is a good photo doesn’t matter, these are your photos so go with what you like.



Choose someone you feel comfortable with

It’s important that you feel you can relax around your photographer, if you don’t feel comfortable then it’ll show in the photos. Meet the photographer before you choose, ask how they work and what they need from you. If you have a good rapport then this will take a lot of pressure off you on the big day.



What do you get for your money?

You don’t need me to tell you that weddings are expensive, choosing someone with a style you love still has to come at the right price. Make sure you understand what you are getting for your money; what time would you like the photographer to be there from/to; is it important to you that you have the digital images to keep for yourself; are you wanting a printed album; do you want your images hosted online to share with family & friends?


What do you get if you choose me?

  • My prices start from £250 for a couple of hours, up to £850 for the whole day

  • You will get to keep all of the digitally processed photos with full rights to post online and print

  • A face to face consultation before the wedding

  • All of your images hosted online in a private album that you can share with family & friends

  • I will come and show you the photos when they are ready, giving you the opportunity to feedback so I can make any tweaks if required

  • The price doesn’t include any prints or albums, but I can arrange these if you would like me to. Remember that you will have all of the photos, so can order your own prints from anywhere you’d like