Firstly, many thanks for taking the time to visit my website and view my photos!

I'm Phil, a photographer based in the North East of England.  I've always been interested in photography, but finally managed to get my first DSLR around 3 years ago, thank you Claire for helping fund it x

Having upgraded to a full frame Canon and with it acquired a free year of ADOBE CC, I haven't looked back.  I use Photoshop and Lightroom to process my images, and I have now discovered why shooting in RAW is absolutely the way to go, cheers Fro!

Having a young family and a full time job you may notice that a lot of my photos are of Newcastle and the surrounding area, as there's always plenty to do before I can sneak out to take pics.

I will pretty much photograph anything, but really enjoy landscapes and interesting people shots. Having 5 kids (yes that's not a typo!) I get plenty of practice.  

I have recently started contributing to the Northern Soul website.  This has been my first opportunity to experience the pressure of 'getting the shot' to go alongside the great words, and I'm loving it!  If I'm enjoying taking pictures of Jeremy Corbyn on a rainy evening in Newcastle then I know photography is for me.

I worked for ten years at The Times with some of the best photographers in the world and I thought your images were very good
— Helen Nugent, Editor of Northern Soul

Had to get that quote in! ;)

Please contact me if you have any questions, or you would like me to take some photos for you.  In the meantime I may see you down the Quayside one evening, determined to nail the Millennium Bridge shot!